This is a segment I’d like to call “Tegan and Sara intentionally botch signatures on things in order to diminish their sale value on eBay.”

Now, these are all legitimate signatures. The listings on eBay usually accompany the signed item with photos of T&S actually signing the item.

There are quite a few of these autographed memorabilia listings on eBay ranging from photos, vinyl record covers and even guitars. This isn’t even close to a quarter of all the ones I came across. 90% of them are from dealers who have created this business centered around intercepting artists and bands just outside large media events or outside their tour buses just to get memorabilia autographed with the intention of selling it for profit.

I post this with the hope that you get as much of a laugh out of it as I did but also to make you cautious about buying autographed memorabilia off the internet in general. ^_^ I also encourage you to find your own favorite botched signatures and post reply them here if you so desire!





"We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity"

Um ok but I don’t recall my virginity having 16 GB of memory with all my contacts, music, photos, calendars, and apps or costing over $200.

my phone is an expensive and important material object and not a useless social construct put in place to shame and commodify women

Plus I remember where I lost my virginity.